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Ottawa’s Best German Restaurants: Where to Find Authentic Eats

You love German food. Who doesn’t? The hearty, comforting dishes are perfect for a cold winter night. But where can you find the best German food in Ottawa?

We’ve got you covered. From traditional Bavarian fare to modern twists on classic dishes, we’ve rounded up the best German restaurants in Ottawa. 

Das Lokal

This restaurant is located at Dalhousie Street, near Notre Dame Basilica.

The menu at Das Lokal is extensive. You can have good food such as wiener schnitzels and drinks such as mulled wine and draft beer. The staff is knowledgeable and passionate about their food. There are also vegetarian options in this restaurant. 

The atmosphere is warm and cozy, and the locals are friendly. So relax and enjoy a hearty meal of traditional German fare—you won’t regret it.

The restaurant is currently rated 4.4 on Google maps.

Schnitzel Haus

This restaurant is all about traditional German cuisine, and they do it well.

Schnitzel Haus is the perfect place for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant offers both table and takeout services.

Wolf Down

This great restaurant s located at 380 Bank St Ottawa. If you want German street food, then Wolf Down is your place. Some of the meals you will enjoy here include:

  • Berlin döner sandwich.
  • Grilled beef.
  • Tofu

Duna Bistro

You will find this great restaurant on Robertson Road. If you’re looking for a delicious taste of Germany, you need to check out Duna Bistro. This is one of Ottawa’s best German restaurants, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a traditional meal.

The menu at Duna Bistro is packed with authentic German dishes like

  • schnitzel
  • spaetzle with caramelized onions
  • wurst 

The appetizers at this place are also great.


If you’re craving some authentic German cuisine, you do not have to fly all the way to Germany – there are plenty of great German restaurants right here in Ottawa.